Glenn Henry

Glenn Henry

Founder / President Emeritus

Glenn Henry started his business career at IBM in 1967, where he worked for 21 years. He was the instigator, lead architect and development manager responsible for the IBM System/32, IBM System/38, and RT/PC. In 1985, he was appointed an IBM Fellow.

In 1988, Glenn went to work for his then-neighbor Michael Dell at the newly founded Dell Computers, and by 1993, he was Dell’s Senior Vice President in charge of products. While working at Dell, he discovered that it was not possible to buy computer processors for less than $160 wholesale, thereby inflating the ultimate retail price of computers.

From that realization, Glenn founded Centaur Technology, Inc. in April of 1995. Centaur’s first high performance, low-cost, x86 compatible processor came to market in 1997, paving the way for the more than 18 products that have since been released by the team of engineers assembled by Glenn Henry.

Centaur’s success has been attributed to Glenn’s philosophy of “Empowering the Engineer,” providing them with the latest tools and technology, minimizing all unnecessary bureaucracy, and giving them the autonomy, responsibility and encouragement to make their own decisions.